Lock rekeying is the process of changing the internal mechanism of a lock so that it works with a new key. This is often done when a key is lost or stolen, or when a person moves into a new home or apartment.

Locks Repair San Francisco is the process of fixing a lock that is not working properly. This can include fixing a broken spring, replacing a worn out cylinder, or adjusting the mechanism so that it turns more smoothly.

Car key services typically include cutting and programming new car keys, as well as repairing or replacing existing ones. A locksmith can also provide these services, in addition to other services such as unlocking car doors, making copies of existing keys, and rekeying car locks. Some locksmiths may also specialize in high-security or transponder keys for luxury vehicles.

  • Car key duplication: This service involves creating a duplicate key for a vehicle, typically used as a backup or replacement for a lost or broken key.
  • Car key programming: This service involves programming a new key or keyless fob to work with a specific vehicle’s electronic system.
  • Car key replacement: This service involves providing a new key for a vehicle, either through duplication or through the creation of a new key from scratch.
  • Car key extraction: This service involves removing a broken key from a vehicle’s ignition or door lock.
  • Car key cutting: This service involves cutting a new key for a vehicle, typically done when all keys have been lost or when a new keyless entry fob is needed.
  • Car key remote repair/replacement: This service involves fixing or replacing a remote keyless entry fob for a vehicle.
  • Car keyless entry systems: This service involves installing or repairing keyless entry systems for a vehicle that allows entry and start the car without the use of a physical key.